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When we have a project that requires the use of quality timber decking, we often take a number of factors into account when making a decision. These are usually priced, quality, availability and delivery.

Finding a balance between these factors can be difficult in some instances, luckily Topwood Garden Buildings and Timber Suppliers can take care of your decking requirements as we offer a wide range of high-quality softwood products including very competitive timber decking prices as well as Free local and regional delivery options.

Many will have their own taste and requirements when it comes to what materials are used, but if you are looking for some inspiration, then our sustainable timber decking could be for you.


The Benefits of Quality Timber Decking

Timber may not be the strongest wood available, but it is very stable and has a low shock resistance, thus its use in a number of different decking projects.  As well as decking projects, redwood timber is also commonly used to manufacture other things, such as furniture and cabinet doors.

Redwood timber is easy to work with, regardless of whether you’re using machinery or working on the wood by hand. It can also be glued and nailed easily, meaning that projects are less frustrating as a result.


Pressure-Treated Reversible Tanalised Decking

Redwood decking by its very nature is diverse, but opting for pressure-treated redwood decking really gives you a stern and robust foundation for any project you have in mind. Whether you’re looking to give your garden a makeover by instilling garden decking, or currently consider caravan decking prices, considering pressure-treated reversible redwood decking will allow you to build your project, safe in the knowledge its protected from the outside elements and intrusive bugs.


Redwood Grooved and Smooth Decking Green Treated

One of them nay misconceptions associated with green-treated decking is that it has to remain the one colour. Some may prefer a more natural look, but others may need to stick to a particular colour scheme. In either event, redwood decking that is green treated will be robust without treatment, but the option is there to stain the wood should it be required.

Reversible tanalised decking can make many a project a much easier endeavour. For example, if you’re looking to add some character and originality to your garden, redwood grooved decking can split your yard up into sections, so you could have a raised platform, or purely a dedicated area for seating and barbecues.

There are those who will be looking at caravan decking prices as they need to have a wooden platform or path to help make the most of the available space. Redwood grooved decking can also be used for these kind of projects due to the aforementioned benefits.

When making a purchase in relation to decking, it pays to ensure you invest in the right kind of wood. While another type may seem like a better investment from a financial viewpoint, it may not offer the same kind of quality that redwood decking can.

Grooved decking is ideal for those who have projects that call for wood that is adaptable as well as sturdy. Whether you’re building an entire platform to support a caravan or merely looking to add a raised planter to your garden, redwood grooved decking is definitely worth your consideration.

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